Monday, July 26, 2010

Who's really in control of your destiny?

Ok, so people say that "God is in control" What do they mean by that? I mean ultimately He set up the universe so in a sense He is in control, but what about taking responsibility for our own lives? What about using our God given intelligence to think things through and make good decisions? I have recently discovered the concept of "locus of control" in psychology. There are two opposing views people have, either that they are in total control of their own destiny or that outside forces etc. decide their fate. Most people usually fall somewhere in between. It's called "locus of control". You either have a higher internal or external locus of control. Internal meaning that your decisions decide your fate. External meaning that you believe that outside forces, etc. decide your fate. Studies have shown that people with a higher (internal locus of control) meaning that they feel that their decisions decide their destiny, are much happier and achieve more. They tend to have higher self esteem as well. I personally have experienced a greater sense of well being when I have taken charge of my life and any area that needs change, I've studied how to make these areas better, made a plan and then put in the effort to change. GOD DID NOT DO THIS FOR ME. I've spent many years waiting on God to change some things in my life. Nothing happened supernaturally, but when I decided to put in the effort then I experienced change. Praying for good health and then eating fast food and sitting on the couch every day won't get you anything. Your actions must be consistent with your desires. If you want to experience positive change, it's up to you. You must develop a greater "internal locus of control" rather than an "external Locus of control". at the link below, you can read more about "locus of control" and also take a test to see where you land between internal and external locus. I really think having a greater understanding of this can really impact your life in a huge way if you have been a external locus person.

Click here for more about locus of control

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