Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloom where you are planted and eventually you will require a larger pot.

You cannot be something that you are not, but you can become something you are not. Who you are and what you've become so far in life is because of your decisions. Our decisions at the time we made them were based on our knowledge at that time. We probably made the best decisions that we were able to make then. That doesn't mean that we are not one hundred percent responsible for them though. We are still fully responsible for who we are and what we've become. Sometimes life sends us unexpected things like illness or tragedy. We still have a choice on how we will react. Consider the man in the wheel chair who has no legs an yet is full of life. A smile from ear to ear, a passion for his life. He lives each day in abundance because of his attitude of gratefulness. Although he could have much to complain about or become bitter about, he chooses to see the glass half full. Now consider the person that has so much going for them, yet they are still unhappy. The difference in these two men is their choice on how to view and react to what life has sent them. We are always becoming. Everyday, right now, this very moment, we are becoming. The question is, what are we becoming? The choice is not God's, it's yours. You decide whether or not you will live with a positive attitude. You decide whether or not you will become bitter or better. You decide to take the lemons that life may throw at you and make lemonade. Whatever you are, become a better one. Whatever you have right now, maximize it's use to your advantage. Whatever you are allowing in your life, that does not line up with your values, make a change. Even if you've tried something before and failed, it does not mean that you will fail again. Get some new wisdom and understanding and then try again. Purpose in your heart to never give up and you will most difinitely see much success. Life's battles aren't always won by those who are the fastest and strongest, but by the one who believes he will win and persists in spite of adversity. Bloom where you are planted, and you will eventually require a larger pot.

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