Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maybe the greatest temptation

I think one of the greatest temptations can be the temptation to stop growing. Maybe to give up. DON'T GIVE UP! No matter how dark it may look sometimes. DON'T STOP GROWING!!! Say no to that temptation and yes to personal growth. We have the ability to choose to be better this time next year. WE CAN DO IT! Better in our health, our finances, our peace, our relationships. You see, it's not even all about us. We must choose to grow because others are relying on us. They are watching from the shadows, hoping that we will overcome. When we overcome with God, our lives will give them hope for their lives. Expect God to move on your behalf. He promises to give us wisdom on how to live if we ask Him. James 1:5. He will help us to manage our lives and to become better and more prosperous. It says in Psalms 35:37 that he desires your prosperity. Listen to God's small still voice. He speaks through many sources. It could be a friend, a coworker or even a magazine article. Although I do believe that the bible is the final authority on truth, I also understand that it doesn't cover every issue in life. It gives you a basic framework to work within but many things we need personal guidance on. We need wisdom to overcome. Listen for God and you will hear His guidance. He may be saying that you need to eat more vegetables and fruits for your health or to exercise more. He may be saying, do something kind for your daughter or wife today. He may say, give to the homeless man on the street. He does speak and will speak to you today if you listen to Him in faith! He will give you the wisdom and the strength to overcome the temptation to stop growing.

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