Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Self discipline is so important for success

In music, the silence between notes are just as important as the notes played. Imagine how a song would sound if there was no silence between notes. All the notes would be jumbled together. It would change from a song to just plain noise. As it is in music, so it is in your life. It's not only about what you do. Just as important, is what you don't do. Probably the most valuable skill you can learn in life, is the ability to say no to yourself. When you want something and yet are still able to walk away from it to protect your future. What you can walk away from now will determine what you will have in your future. Saying no to something is really saying yes to something else. For example, saying no to that doughnut, means saying yes to a healthy weight. Saying no to that drink of alcohol, means saying yes to clear minded decisions. Saying no to that wrong relationship in your present, is saying yes to that right relationship in your future. Saying no to excessive TV watching or video games, means saying yes to more time for other more productive things. Oh the power of a good decision. One good decision can revolutionize your life. Wars start and end over one decision. Nations rise and fall over one decision. Your decisions decide your prosperity. Not only your decisions on what to do, but also the decisions on what not to do. Your decisions to live your life according to a well thought out plan. Your decision to develop and cultivate self discipline in your life. Your decision to become a life long learner and value self improvement. There is always room to grow in these areas. Temptation to do the opposite will always be there. You will be tempted to stay the same and not grow. You simply must learn to say no regardless of how you feel in the moment. Your enemy will always be there, you simply must learn to fight. Choose to master self discipline and the rewards will be so great. The pain of self discipline weighs only ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.

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