Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who are you following?

History shows that some very intelligent Men of Faith preached certain things in their day that turned out in time, that they were wrong. Although they had great intentions, they were very narrow minded and wrong. Is it possible that some are like this today? It's not what the bible says that I have a problem with. It's what some of His representatives proclaim as truth yet is only their opinion. Some things in the bible are a mystery. Some things are very clear. It's those who think that they must have an answer for everything that tend to be the ones who in time, show themselves as wrong about certain things. Every mentor has prejudices. Every human is imperfect. We are all doing our best to find our way. Don't sell out and follow any man. You would be in danger of cultism. Follow God and Him alone. Listen for the still small voice of the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will guide you into all truth. Listen and learn from wise men, but think for yourself. Don't be afraid to disagree with them. The bible calls us sheep for a reason, we tend to follow each other without thinking. But remember, we only have one shepherd. Jesus Christ.

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  1. Listen and Learn, viewing all things through the lens of God's Word, casting aside all things that don't line up.

    Well Put Rob.