Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Environment Matters

your environment fish tank
I recently bought a couple Koi fish to put in my half oak barrel, that I have on my front porch. I also bought the water conditioning stuff that is supposed to remove chlorine and heavy metals to make the water safe for the fish. I'm not sure what happened. The other night, when I put the fish in there, they were dead by morning. I was reminded of something that I had learned about your environment.
About how "where you are, matters as much as what you are." If you want to prosper, you have to be aware of the environment that you are trying to grow in. Does it inspire you? Is it an environment that promotes your success? Does it have toxic things in it? Maybe toxic things that you aren't aware of that are unknowingly holding you back. Toxic things that, just like my fish, could bring death to your dreams. People can be toxic. Bad relationships can be toxic. People who feed your weaknesses or doubts can be toxic. Other things that you allow in your environment can be toxic too. Watching too much negative news can be toxic. It can cause you to view the world as a negative place and forget the amazing blessings right in front of you. Listening to negative music can be toxic. If it doesn't line up with your values, then why do you allow it into you ears? Why would you want to sing along with songs that you wouldn't even share with a child? I have a personal rule that I've created for myself, if I couldn't watch or listen to it with a child, I probably shouldn't be listening or watching it. The mind is a powerful computer and like the old saying goes, "if you put trash in, you'll get trash out." Does your environment inspire you? Is it helping you become the best you? Does it allow room for your growth? My fish had no option really on the environment that I moved them into and sometimes we don't either, but unlike them, we have a choice on whether or not we stay there. We have a choice to move on or change our current environment. We have a lot of influence on our environment. We can bring joy to wherever we are. For example, say we are at the workplace or school. We can sow a seed of kindness and blessing there to our coworkers or fellow students. One word spoken at the right time, has the potential of changing a persons day. A good word can lift them up, make them smile and they will pass that kindness on to everyone they come in contact with throughout the day. Be aware of your environment. Take control of it as much as you can and influence it for the positive. You can't prosper in every environment, you must either change it, or find one that allows you to grow. Not every plant can grow in every soil or every climate. This is also true for us. If you are going to bloom where you are planted, then you need to plant yourself in the right place.

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