Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Moving!!

I read a lot of motivational/inspirational teaching materials because I believe that where the mind goes, the man will follow. (That's a quote from one) Anyways, I believe that what separates us from what we want is our wisdom. A lot of time we are waiting on God to do something, but He is waiting on us. What I mean is that when you seek wisdom and education in the things that He directs you to, you will then qualify for promotion by Him. He waits on us to do what we can, to bloom where we are planted then He will do the rest. I just read a quote earlier that says "God creates the seasons, but discoveries schedule them." think about that for a few seconds. Hmmm, "God creates the seasons,but it's your discoveries that schedule them." When you increase your wisdom, your season will change. When you discover something you don't know about yourself or God's word, then your season will change. Maybe it's a weakness in yourself that you aren't aware of. Or maybe it's a strength or gift you have that you haven't recognized. If you haven't recognized a strength, or your greatest gift, then you haven't celebrated it and focused on it. Focusing on your greatest gifts will bring you success. It's what makes you different from another that has the potential of making you great here on earth and allows you to affect so many people in a positive way. The bible teaches that the Holy Spirt is your mentor. He will guide you into all truth. He speaks to you about every area of your life. He will guide you in the direction you should go. Honor Him, listen to Him, expect to be led by Him daily. God wants you to be successful in what it is He has assigned you to do here on earth. He promises that He will bless the work of our hands. That's exciting because it's not always about waiting on God to do something. We can pray, then move out in faith and work towards something. He will bless it. If we are on the wrong path, He will show us along the way and guide us to the right one. The important thing is to get moving though. Pray, listen, decide, then move in faith.

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