Monday, February 15, 2010

Finding treasure in others

Although we tend to judge a book by it's cover it's probably not wise. Sometimes God hides the greatest treasures in the most unlikely people so that only the most discerning can find them. We tend to see someone and try to put them in a box to understand them. We try to relate them to someone or something we've seen before. The problem is that human beings are amazingly diverse. Diverse in gifts, abilities, culture,beliefs, looks, etc.

I have personally found some amazing treasures in people so different than me. Sources that are unexpected. I have found wisdom in the homeless person on the street and wisdom in the president of the united states, and everywhere in between.

To say someone is all bad or all good is not correct in my book. I see people as all on different paths and it's not my place to judge. They may be on chapter 6, the dark chapter but they have 20 chapters in the book. Their pen and God's pen are still writing. Sometimes the most amazing things come from the underdog.

I know that when I fear that I can't do something or worry about the future, I have to stop myself and choose to believe that everything is working out for my highest good.

I'll do my part, set my sails and God will bring the wind. When I am weak and feel stuck, I trust that God will do what I can't. -Rob

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