Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who are you listening to?

Have you ever stopped to realize that your future is decided by those you've chosen to listen to and believe?

It's true. What you believe is a direct result of the ones you've trusted in for your information and what you believe will determine your life's decisions.

We should make it the highest priority to evaluate who we are listening to. If you want to be wise, it makes sense to listen to those who are wise.

It's important to remember though that even great and wise men have prejudices. They can unknowingly pass on their own wrong, limiting beliefs to you. You have to sift out the bad and keep the good.

Some people throw the baby out with the bath water in regards to this. They won't listen to someone or a source that is different than they are normally used to. They let their own religious, political views etc, get in the way of them learning from someone who has different beliefs than them.

People with different beliefs than you have different wisdom than you. They have been down roads that you haven't which means that they know things that you don't. By not searching for the treasure that lies within each individual person, you are missing an opportunity to gain valuable wisdom. You close yourself off from the different wisdom that lies within that person. Wisdom that could even change your life.

Liberals can learn something from conservatives. Conservatives can learn something from liberals. The poor can learn from the rich and the rich can learn from the poor. Sometimes wisdom can come from the most unexpected sources if you can get past your own conditioned beliefs and look for it.

Honoring others is the key to accessing the wisdom that lies within them. Pride in our own hearts shuts us out though and locks the door even tighter.

Humbleness and sincere appreciation for others will open amazing doors for you. It will allow you to access the wisdom contained in them and when applied to your own life, it can have huge effects on your happiness and success.

-Rob Lovegreen
Artist/music producer

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  1. Truth. Wisdom. Encouragement. One of the best blogs I've read!

  2. Thank you Kirsten, Blessings-Rob