Friday, July 22, 2016


We can sometimes get the feeling that we are the only one with challenges in our life but everyone has challenges. The most successful achievers in the world are not without challenges in their lives. Instead they have learned to overcome them. They have found a creative way around them or through them. RETHINK WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

High micro-nutrient foods chart

This chart shows the highest and lowest nutrient foods.  Many people eat way too many low nutrient foods like oils and refined grains that they fill up on them and have little room for the high nutrient foods. To achieve optimal health, a huge key is to first make your priority to eat the high nutrient foods daily to ensure you get all of the micro-nutrients, phyto-chemicals contained and only eat the low nutrient foods in moderation.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is drinking coffee really good for your health and happiness?

We all have heard about the studies suggesting that coffee is a health food. We might have also heard from many health experts that it's not.  Who do we believe?.....

I just wanted to share why I don't drink it.

Many say drinking coffee regularly leads to adrenal fatigue as it keeps your adrenal glands pumping out adrenalin. This puts your body in a heightened state of awareness but also stress as you live in this "fight or flight" mode. If you stay in stress mode, your body and brain have a harder time repairing. Coffee can also rob a person of their deepest sleep cycles so they wake up in the morning still feeling tired. Even if they only drank the coffee in he morning, some caffeine is still present in the body by bedtime and can affect sleep. Coffee also decreases blood flow to the brain which is not a good thing according to World famous psychiatrist, brain researcher and brain advocate Dr. Daniel Amen. I personally tried drinking coffee regularly many times and many times I've had to quit. For me it leads to fatigue, sleep problems and ultimately moodiness and depression. I guess some of this may depend on genetics and dose vs. body weight. I will steer clear of coffee because just like with any stimulant drug, if you are going to have a high, then you will also have to face a low later as you withdrawal. In regards to stimulants, what goes up, must come down. Many former coffee drinkers swear how much better they feel now that they gave up coffee. Withdrawal can be a challenge at first but over the course of several weeks, as your brain rebalances, you start to feel so much better. At least that's been my experience. Just like any pleasure inducing drug, coffee makes you feel amazing at first but as tolerance builds, you have to have your drug just to try and feel normal.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Does what others think about me really matter?

I've heard people say "don't care what others think about you".  What I think they mean by this is that your opinion of yourself matters more than others opinion of you.  Well, I get what they are saying but this is a bit "black and white" in it's saying and I think a deeper understanding through clarification here is needed.....

My thoughts on what others think about me...................

Caring what others think about you benefits you in some ways but also hinders you. Fools hold certain beliefs and sometimes are overconfident in these beliefs. They would benefit greatly from a little self doubt from introspection. If they truly valued wisdom, this would be the byproduct but generally fools do not. Fools project their beliefs out to the world in confidence while wise men, due to their level of introspection and understanding are many times, not as bold. Wisdom has taught them to be a bit more cautious. If a person doesn't care at all what others think, they close themselves off from valuable feedback. This hinders growth. Sometimes negative feedback can benefit us greatly if we are willing to be honest with ourselves and if we are wrong, we can choose to make changes. There must be balance. Caring what others think about me has made me learn to become skilled in presenting myself to others. If I truly didn't care about what others thought, I wouldn't shower or brush my teeth. It is important how others perceive me if I want to have good success, I am very aware of this. Every environment including the public has an accepted protocol I must obey in order to be accepted and remain in that environment. This includes how I dress, how I give eye contact, my facial expressions, my attitude, etc.  I know how awesome and loving my heart is.  I know how I am an awesome human, a safe place for others. I only want the best for all my fellow humans and I want to contribute and give. I want others to become better in some way after meeting me. To be more inspired, encouraged, wiser.  It's very important that what I project externally, matches up with what is going on internally so that I am received well.....  On the other hand, caring so much about what others think to the point where you let your mind obsess over it is not good and will hinder you. This is a distraction, wasting your precious mental energy and hindering your focus. It will cause you to question yourself, to become unsure and lacking in confidence. If you are walking in integrity and doing the right thing, you have to be willing to ignore the haters, naysayers and critics. You can't waste your precious time trying to prove yourself to them because you have important things to get done.  Some people will hate you because you are too good but you must not care about their opinions. You answer to a higher authority. The more you celebrate and project your authentic self, you will begin to discover your true friends but also uncover your true enemies. You must learn to walk amongst the crowd and not let their sometimes fickle opinions get inside of you. As you get stronger, you will learn to even walk amongst your enemies knowing who they are, yet ignoring them while you hold your head up high.  

Blessings- Rob Lovegreen

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Heal yourself

I've heard many critics of alternative healing practices, the vegan diet, paleo  diet, etc. saying that many of these things are based on  'pseudoscience' instead of real science. Many times, these critics are still stuck in the mental matrix and have swallowed whole, the blue pill, ignoring the truth and blinding them from reality. They have bought into the money hungry, pharmaceutical promoting, medical industry generated phrase "trust your doctor." Many and probably most doctors are well meaning but they are taught little about nutrition and much about what drug treats what condition.  There are many studies confirming the amazing power of plant foods and their ability to help the body heal and restore. Yes we should hold tightly to true science and always embrace the truth if we want to evolve personally and collectively but to say these blanket statements calling this move towards wellness through lifestyle and food choices "pseudoscience" is absurd.  We live in a day and age where many doctors won't tell you that changing your diet and lifestyle will allow your body to heal but instead are quick to write you a prescription for a toxic drug. Drugs that many times may cover up the problem symptom while robbing your health in another area of your body. Does that sound like 'pseudoscience'. Well, do your research. There are many people curing and treating themselves through high nutrient diets and lifestyle. When the body is given what it needs to heal, many times it does.  I suggest you do your research on the power of a plant based diet or even paleo diet.  Google Dr. Mary Newport and see how she has halted and reversed to some degree, her husbands Alzheimers by feeding him several tablespoons of coconut oil daily. It's the real deal.  Or google how about Dr. Terry Wahls cured her incurable 'multiple sclerosis' by researching the studies on 'pub med' and then applying her knowledge. Her health had declined to the point where she was in a tilt recline wheelchair and now is well and travels speaking on her story. She found healing through a high nutrient paleo style diet.  Or listen to the words of Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the power of micronutrients which are heavily found in plants but not in animal products.  Do your own research before you dismiss something as 'pseudoscience'. Just because a skeptic says something negative with confidence about alternative medicine and chooses to trust their drug slinging doctor, doesn't necessarily mean that they have all their facts straight. We are only as good as our mentors. Your future is decided by the voice you have chosen to trust and believe.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you were inspired, please share this blog with your friends.   Blessings and prosperity to you through wisdom. -Rob

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learning to thrive in the midst of our weakness

Do you think Mother Theresa or Ghandi ever had a bad day? Do you think that they ever said some things that they shouldn't have said or had a bad attitude? Do you think that they did some stupid things? Made some big mistakes?  Even the greatest men and women to walk this planet have had their share of personal struggles. It's hard to picture Mother Theresa, (someone who many would regard as a saint) , with a bad attitude. Maybe a snarky or snappy tone of voice when communicating with those close to her?  Catch her at the right time though and in the right challenging circumstances and this just might be the case. Under the right amount of pressure, anyone can get a little snippy. Anyone can be tempted to act out of character and give into the temptation saying or doing things that they might regret. Every great inspiring leader has weakness. They may have great influence for the positive but they still have an imperfect human side. Great men and women aren't without weakness, they simply have chosen to rise up in spite of their weakness.  To overcome weakness and even choosing to rise in the midst of it. They have learned to focus on building their strengths and to manage their weaknesses.... The greatest battle we all face in life is the battle within our own self.  It is the battle within that must be won. The battle over our focus. Over our temptations. Our emotions.  A battle over our beliefs about ourselves, others and our life.  Great men and women, through practice, have become skilled at living by good principles. They have learned to not make decisions with on the whim of their emotions but instead on the firm foundation of moral principle.  They have become skilled at the art of mastering their emotions. Could you imagine what our lives would be like if we made every decision on emotion rather than good wisdom principles founded in logic and reason?  If we just chose to do whatever sounds or feels good in the moment?  Sounds like a description for a painful, short lived life doesn't it?  If we wish to live a good life with less pain then we must choose to truly value wisdom.  If we truly value it then we will pursue it.  When we recognize its true value then we will run after it, hunt it down, capture it and make it a part of us.  We will trade all that we have for it and it will reward us with all that it has.  It's reward is a life well lived.  It's reward is an ability to overcome personal struggles within.  It's reward is an ability to prosper in what we do and have more to give to others.  It's reward is an ability to reach our greatest potential and dig out all of the treasure within ourselves.  It's reward is rewarding relationships and an ability to influence others for the positive.  When we make the personal decision to grow in wisdom, become better, stronger and  more prosperous, we are also making the decision to help our fellow man.  What the world needs is not more mediocre but instead, men and women who rise to their potential, achieving greatness. To rise to their place of positive influence, letting their light shine in the midst of a sometimes dark world.  I am so grateful for the men and women that have gone before us as shining examples of lives not perfect, yet well lived.  Someone once said "the best message preached, is a life well lived."  Your life is your message. 

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope this inspired you. If so, please share it with your friends.  Blessings- Rob Lovegreen

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Learning to ask clarifying questions for better communication

Communication is so very important in life. Good communication skills are probably one of the most important things in life. Yet, many don't make it a point to study how to do this more effectively. They just assume that they are good at it. One thing I have noticed over the years in regards to communication is the importance of 'not just listening but listening with understanding.' One way to understand another better is to ask clarifying questions. I have found that many have not acquired this skill. A couple good phrases you can learn to use in your daily conversations are these.... "Can you explain more to me about what you mean? or even "Please tell me more about that." 'DON'T JUST ASSUME THAT YOU KNOW WHAT THE PERSON TRULY MEANS.' It can be easy for us to misunderstand another and be misunderstood ourselves. Asking clarifying questions with intent for better understanding will open up a world of new and deeper understanding about yourself and the other people. Many times, we think we understand someone, or what another is saying but we are actually flawed in our judgement. We are only interpreting what they are saying through the eyes of our own limited knowledge and wisdom. Asking for clarification gives us more data for us to base our judgements and then we can make wiser decisions based on this data. It is our responsibility to ask though and many don't. When we choose to seek understanding through clarification, we will discover so much hidden wisdom and we will ultimately be rewarded for our extra effort. Seeking wisdom may cost us our time and effort, but the return on investment is sizable and worthy of our pursuit.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope it inspired and motivated you in regards to more self development.

Blessings -Rob